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World Music CD of the Month

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The Participant Observer World Music CD of the Month is Öngtupqa: Sacred Music of the Hopi Tribe by Clark Tenakgonva, Gary Stroutsos and Matthew Nelson

In an attempt to tell this important story and share it with people from around the world, Tenakhongva, Stroutsos and Nelson have collaborated to produce an album about Hopi history, culture, and the tribe’s deep, spiritual connection to the canyon they call â€"Öngtupqa.”

Says Tenakhongva, â€"My only hope is the music will resonate with the world. As Hopi we were born within Grand Canyon and when we are done we return back there. This is the cycle. This is the Hopi way. And these are songs about that special place."

The Öngtupqa recordings represent a return to the Hopi people’s spiritual homeland, and Tenakhongva says everyone is invited to partake in the blessings bestowed on them by this historic music and its connection to the Grand Canyon—itself a Hopi house of worship. For Stroutsos, it’s a rare opportunity to set the record straight about the oldest wind instrument in North America.

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