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       Participant Observation is the Process of Learning by
Observing and Participating in Cultural Life

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Saturday, Aug 24
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Sunday, Aug 25
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Monday, Aug 26
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Tuesday, Aug 27
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< Saturday, June 29, 2019 >

All Day Ongoing and Extended Events


San Diego County Fair
From Friday, May 31 to Thursday, July 4, 2019


* Note: newest and shorter run productions can be found in our regular calendar listings.

Exhibitions and Art

Lung Hsiang Chinese Brush Painting Exhibit & Sale
Until July 8, 2019

Between Two Worlds
Until July 28, 2019

Art of East Asia
Until December 31, 2019

Art Of The 20th Century
Ongoing until December 31, 2019

German Expressionism
Ongoing until December 31, 2019

Barrio Art Crawl
Ongoing, every 2nd Saturday of each month


Free Admission to Japanese Friendship Garden
Ongoing, 3rd Tuesday of each month

Walking Tour of Asian Pacific Historic District
Ongoing, every 2nd Saturday of each month


Kids Meet Mandarin
Ongoing Fridays

Chinese Storytime
Ongoing Mondays

Spanish Storytime
Ongoing Mondays

Bilingual Storytime
Ongoing Fridays

Classes and Workshops

Capoeira Angola de Sao Bento Grande
Ongoing Saturdays

West African Dance Class
Ongoing Sunday

Mahjong Lessons
Ongoing Thursdays

Ki Energy Healing Clinic
Ongoing Wednesdays

Emei Qigong Practice
Ongoing Saturdays

Middle-Eastern Drum & Belly Dance Class
Ongoing until December 17

Kokedama Workshop
Ongoing every 1st and 3rd Tuesday

Irish Gaelic Conversation Circle
Ongoing Tuesdays

Tai Chi Workshop
Ongoing Saturdays

African Dance Class
Ongoing Sundays

Salsa Class
Ongoing Tuesdays
7:00 PM Exhibit Opening: Queer Afro & Latinx Contemporary Art As part of an ongoing pursuit of social justice and in response to today’s cultural climate San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) in Balboa Park will debut its newest art exhibit Forging Territories: Queer Afro and Latinx Contemporary Art. This thought-provoking exhibit is among the first of its kind to explore and highlight conversations around underrepresented African American and Latinx artists identifying as LGBTQ. Purposefully launching during PRIDE Month and only one day after the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising considered the seminal event leading to the modern LGBTQ movement Forging Territories will showcase rarely-told stories of personal and cultural awakening through artists’ responses to sense of identity and place, the influence of the current political moment and the comfort of shared background, language and history. Forging Territories is curated by Rubén Esparza, founder and director of the Queer Biennial, an international art fair anchored in Los Angeles with satellites in New York, Mexico, Miami, Paris and Zurich.

Forging Territories opens to the public on Saturday, June 29 with an opening reception from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and will then be open Tuesday through Sunday between 12 and 5:00 PM through November 3.

Admission/Cost: Free - $5

San Diego Art Institute
1439 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101

Saturday, June 29 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
7:00 PM Dance: Hearts in Action Hearts in Action brings to life a magical world of empathy, compassion, love, and understanding. transcenDANCE CREATE Performance Group dancers and alumni weave contemporary, hip hop, and African dance with original spoken word and storytelling to explore the possibilities that abound when hope and creativity have the power to shape our reality. Our 14th annual community performance is uplifting and inspiring for audiences of all ages. With Hearts in Action, we find refuge. transcenDANCE guides young people in underserved San Diego County communities to transcend barriers, expand ambitions, and create positive change through dance and performance. For more information, please visit www.tdarts.org.

Admission/Cost: $15 - $150

Lyceum Theatre
79 Horton Plaza
San Diego, CA 92101

Dates and times:
Friday, June 28 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday, June 29 - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
8:00 PM Film: Welcome Mr. President After the President of the Republic is forced to resign, and none of the political leaders can agree on a president to elect and the party leaders all chose to vote for a historical figure as a protest vote. A librarian, named Giuseppe Garibaldi is mistakenly elected president to the consternation of the party leaders, but the public takes to him.

Admission/Cost: $8

Firehouse Museum Theater
1572 Columbia Street
San Diego, CA

Saturday, June 29 - 8:00 PM
8:00 PM Stage: Move Over, Mrs. Markham British farce revolving around misunderstandings, mix-ups and mistaken identities that ensue when different sets of hopeful lovers all converge in theMarkhams’ bedroom on the same evening. They are each expecting to find it private and available which leads to chaos and confusion.

Admission/Cost: $34 - $37

Scripps Ranch Theatre
9783 Avenue of Nations
San Diego, CA 92131

Dates and times:
Ongoing until Sunday, June 30 , 2019
Fridays and Saturdays - 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Sundays - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
8:00 PM Stage: As You Like It Rosalind flees persecution in her uncle's court, accompanied by her cousin Celia to find safety and, eventually, love, in the Forest of Arden. In the forest, they encounter a variety of memorable characters, notably the melancholy traveller Jaques who speaks many of Shakespeare's most famous speeches (such as "All the world's a stage", "too much of a good thing" and "A fool! A fool! I met a fool in the forest"). Jaques provides a sharp contrast to the other characters in the play, always observing and disputing the hardships of life in the country.

Admission/Cost: $30

The Old Globe Theatre
1363 Old Globe Way
San Diego, CA 92101
MAP - [Park Map]

Dates and times:
Ongoing from Sunday, June 16 until Sunday, July 21, 2019
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays - 8:00 PM
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